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Advanced Nikken sleep technology helps you sleep better, feel better

With the Nikken Kenko Sleep System, comfort is only part of the story.

The system is designed to ensure quality sleep — the foundation of good health. In creating the Sleep System, technicians applied the principles of biomechanics, the action of external and internal forces on the human body.

They designed a sleep system that places the body in perfect alignment. And to confirm the results, they employed a precise measurement that uses a laser beam.

Why alignment matters

Spinal alignment is the primary factor affecting both comfort and better sleep. Medical scientists have found that posture determines this alignment — and that the ideal sleep surface maintains the body in a “standing tall” position, rotated 90 degrees.

In other words, the same forces that make good posture beneficial when standing up, also apply when lying down. Correct spinal alignment helps to reduce pressure points, so it’s not only more comfortable, it also reduces stresses on the body’s structural systems.

Ideal position for sleep

This posture is achieved when all parts of the body are in line — when a straight line from head to toe intersects the middle of the ear, the shoulder, hip and ankle.

Making it work

The challenge was to create a sleep system that preserved this relaxed, aligned position. It had to reduce or eliminate pressure points so the sleeper would naturally settle into an ideal sleep position. And it also had to provide the consistent, overall support necessary to protect the sleeper from stress.

Years of research and development went into making this concept a reality. The result is the Nikken Kenko Sleep System. The KenkoAire Mattress, Kenko Dream Light Pad, Kenko Dream Deluxe Pillow and Kenko Dream Pillow all include features that promote spinal alignment for better, more comfortable, quality sleep.

The pillows are shaped to provide the head and neck for the proper sleep angle.

The Kenko Dream Pad mattress topper offers an ideal degree of firmness that assists in keeping the spine oriented in a relaxed, well-supported position.

The KenkoAire Mattress has design features such as a scientific system of bolsters and a hospital-derived anatomic foam insert, plus adjustable air suspension chambers, that allow the sleeper to select the most comfortable personal firmness setting yet enjoy an ideal sleep posture at any level of firmness or softness.