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  Far-Infrared Technology
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Nikken Far-Infrared Technology is a remarkable invention. It absorbs energy from a variety of sources — sunlight, body or room temperature — and releases it as energy in the far-infrared part of the spectrum. Often called “the wavelength of life,” far-infrared energy is part of all living things.

Compare Far-Infrared Technology to conventional insulating material. Ordinary comforters or blankets can lose heat on cold nights — or get too warm in the summer. In contrast, Nikken far-infrared fibers are constantly absorbing energy and reflecting it as gentle warmth.

In warmer weather, these fibers reach a limit in the amount of energy absorbed, and the excess heat will pass through the material and escape. In this way, Nikken Far-Infrared Technology can offer natural, all-season comfort.

Far-Infrared Technology is in Nikken comforters.